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Monday, 20 of May


Spain, still under the dominion of the king

In a living room north of the city three men wait patiently for their partners, between puffs of cigarettes and immersed in an exhausting silence. Heavy and sour smoke is emanating from the ends of the red-hot cigarettes and permeates all surfaces. It blurs visibility and invades the room at the users pleasure.That shared smoke, that invasive smoke is the reason why the meeting has been called.

For two months the association has been in operation providing a safe way to exercise their rights to marijuana users.In Spain, personal consumption of marijuana is not penalized, nor is the cultivation of plants for this purpose. This situation had led to the formation of different cannabis associations in which users of this plant gather to procure a dose, smoke in peace, and stay away from the illegal world full of danger.

As any association governed by the law and statutes, it must convene partners to discuss the details of its daily operation and there is no exception.Around ninety people should appear that night in the small room, which can only accommodate about ten.Ninety members who mostly do not know each other, ninety partners that only have in common their affinity for smoking, and the search for a clear, secure, and legal way to purchase marijuana.

However, fear of the law still irks the partners.The association stands on an unstable legal limbo, since the rights of cannabis users are clear, but not in the way to acquire it.The association assumes the risk of acquiring the drug on the black market claiming that it is going to be used for personal use of the members. The relationship with illegality scares more than one, that’s why the association develops cautiously, and no more than one member only can come to pick up his dose.For this reason, it was expected that nobody would show up to the first meeting, as the three men in the room knew.

– We agree on all three points, but how does the quorum works? Please, see the statutes… – breaks the silence one of the men.

– We need the approval of a third of the members to do so. Should we call another meeting?

– We should. By the time lets fire another joint.